Brass Mahavishnu and Goddess Lakshmi devi

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Height 16 inch (Vishnu) & 15.5 inch (Goddess Lakshmi )
Width 7 inch (Vishnu) & 7 inch (Goddess Lakshmi )
Depth 5.5 inch (Vishnu) & 5.5 inch (Goddess Lakshmi )
Weight 11 kg (Approx)
Metal Fine quality Brass

This is an beautiful set of Lord Mahavishnu along with goddess Lakshmi devi. Lord Mahavishnu holding Gadha standing on Pala samudra, and goddess Mahalakshmi devi standing with money pot. This statues are can be kept in home / Temple for performing daily pujas. And also these are the best idols for performing Sri Satya Narayana Swamy vratam. 

Height: 16 inch (Vishnu)

Width: 7 inch

Depth: 5.5 inch 

Height: 15.5 inch (Goddess Lakshmi )

Width: 7 inch

Depth: 5.5 inch

Weight; 11 kg (Approx)

Metal: Fine quality Brass

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